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About Informed Trade International

Our Mission Statement

Informed Trade International is an import/export compliance community devoted to US Customs import and export practices. Our goal is to facilitate international trade with the United States by assisting individuals in their efforts to manage the trade process

International Trade

The role of government regulations in the trade industry is constantly changing. Those interested in learning about international trade can find the challenge ahead of them seemingly impossible. Those already familiar may find it difficult to track the updates and changes. Informed Trade International is designed as a starting point for anyone seeking to start their education or add to their knowledge of the US trade process.

Our Goals

Informed Trade International was established to provide an outlet for the import/export community to share ideas, express opinions, and work toward the common goal of informed trade. We provide a free service available to individual and business members from every walk of the international community. Our goal is to facilitate an open forum where individuals from corporations, small businesses, private consulting firms, and those new to the field can share their knowledge about international business, importing, exporting, and global trade

Please have a look around our site and join our forum. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.