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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you doing this?

The short answer is because no one else has. When this website was founded, it was because there were no easily accessible online organizations that our initial members could rely on for advice. We created Informed Trade International and provided for its funding solely to give those individuals interested in trade regulations a place to exchange ideas and information.

Where can I find your members list?

That information is confidential. We make every effort to protect the anonymity of our members and their employers.

How can I contact one your members directly?

That’s up to the individual you’d like to contact. While we do not allow users to view other’s e-mail addresses, you may privately message any member via the forum to establish an outside relationship.

What is my legal liability for posting to Informed Trade International?

Members anonymously posting opinions have no more legal liability for their use than in any other public anonymous forum. All information presented by members of Informed Trade International is opinion and not legal advice. Informed Trade International recommends that users routinely remind the public that their opinions do not constitute legal advice and are not necessarily representative of their employers.

How do I know who to trust for opinions?

Use your best judgement. The majority of people posting to Informed Trade International are active in the trade community and provide very useable advice. Always remember, however, that the information presented on this website is offered as opinion, and that you are ultimately responsible for obtaining all the facts.