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US Customs

What is a General Order Warehouse?

Importers bringing merchandise into the United States for consumption must place their goods in a bonded facility while entry is filed with Customs. Goods remaining in a bonded facility for fifteen calendar days without an entry filed will be moved to a Customs approved, GO (General Order) bonded warehouse. There the goods will remain for six months from the date of import. If after six months, the goods have not been documented and duties/fees paid, they will be sold at auction, donated to charity or retained by the Government. Bonded warehouses must notify Customs of un-entered goods not later than 20 calendar days from the date of arrival in the port of import. Warehouse/vessel operators failing to report un-entered merchandise are subject to a penalty of up to one thousand dollars per bill of lading.

2 Responses to “What is a General Order Warehouse?”

  1. ronald benjamin Says:

    We would be interested in obtaining a list of goods now in GO nearing their auction period. We can purchase the goods from the owner for cash,settle all fees and expenses and take ownership. We can pick up the goods almost anywhere as we are a logistics company as well and have warehouses in California and on the east coast.

    We deal a few pallets to multiple containers.
    We make decisions fast and pay fast.

  2. ronald benjamin Says:

    Can we obtain a list of GO warehouses?