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Approaches to Exporting

Direct Exporting

In this approach, the exporter handles every aspect of the exporting process from market research to foreign distribution and collections. A significant commitment of management time and attention is required, but this approach can maximize profits and sales growth. Most Direct Exporters take advantage of one or more sales and distribution channels in a given market by forming in-country business partnerships with agents, distributors and/or joint venture partners.

To learn about services designed to match U.S. companies with buyers and/or business partners, see the Partners and Trade Leads section

Exporting Indirectly Through Intermediaries

With this approach, a company engages the services of an Export Management Company (EMC), an Export Trading Company (ETC) or other intermediary capable of finding foreign markets and buyers for its products. The exporter retains considerable control but gets access to well-established expertise and trade contacts.

To Find Potential EMCs and ETCs:

Office of Export Trading Company Affairs – Promotes the formation and use of export trade intermediaries and development of joint export ventures by U.S. firms.

Indirect Exporting

Indirect exporting refers to strategies whereby a U.S. manufacturer or service provider seeks out domestic buyers who represent foreign end users or customers.

Many U.S. and foreign corporations, general contractors, foreign trading companies, foreign government agencies, foreign distributors and retailers, and others in the United States purchase U.S. products and services for direct export, or as a supplement to products/services they offer to foreign customers. In this case a company may know its product is being exported, but it is still the domestic buyer who assumes the risk and handles the details

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