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Trade Notices

Find HTS Codes

Here’s a new HTS lookup service for anyone who’s ever had problems finding HTS tariff codes for their import or export shipments.

Basically, you can use it to look up tariff rates for any item with a keyword search, or by typing in the HTS number directly. There are a few software packages that you can buy to do this kind of lookup, but this one is free and you don’t have to signup or give out your email. I also imagine that they keep it up to date with the latest HTS versions, so no worrying about that.

Here’s the link to find hts codes

The free service is cool, but on top of that they also offer a downloadable version of the same database that powers their site. I’ve seen this same product go for $400+, and they have it listed for about that half price. If you need that kind of data for a larger import business or some other application (I use it on this site), then it’s a pretty good deal. Here’s the link to download the HTS database. If you find any other good uses for that data, let me know and I’ll list them on our sit

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