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Import Export Forum

Informed Trade International has made their import/export trade forum available to the public!

Ask a Question

If you have a question related to importing, exporting, or international trade, please feel free to post it in our online import forum or search through the database of import questions.

Mission Statement

Informed Trade International is an import/export compliance community devoted to US Customs import and export practices. Our goal is to facilitate international trade with the United States by assisting individuals in their efforts to manage the trade process.


Informed Trade International is one of the largest import export communities on the internet. We have a rapidly expanding member base, and provide our services at no charge in order to promote its growth and work toward the goal of informed trade.

Our membership includes licensed US Customs brokers, experienced freight forwarders, and professional importers. Please post your questions and comments to our community and let one of our members assist you today.

2 Responses to “Import Export Forum”

  1. Heather Finley Says:

    As the shipper I would like to know why the b/l has to be consigned “to order of Shipper Name” rather than “To Order”. I am dealing with an LC and my bank said it was a discrepancy but maybe my customer’s bank will not require an amendment. Also, should I be worried that the steamship line won’t relase the container to my customer.

    Thank you

  2. Heather Finley Says:

    Can someone please send me an example of a “Silica Gel Free” packing declaration. This is the first time I have to prepare.