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State Department Questions

  • If I have some technical data that I’d like to place in the public domain, how can I do it?

    By obtaining approval by the cognizant U.S. Government department or agency, or the DoDs Directorate for Freedom of Information and Security Review.

  • How can I tell if a piece of information is really technical data?

    The information in question may be technical data if it:
    (a) contains quantitative information
    (b) is not found in the public domain, either in whole or in part
    (c) was generated by Independent R&D for military application
    (d) was generated under a DoD contract
    (e) is a genuine engineering scale drawing, not a cartoon
    (f) provides understanding of sensitive capabilities (e.g., stealth characteristics), or vulnerabilities (e.g., EMI problems);
    (g) provides meaningful insight in the areas of design or manufacturing
    (h) contains answers to questions involving how to and why
    (i) is extracted unabridged from technical documents directly relating to defense articles or defense services
    (j) goes beyond general scientific, mathematical or engineering principles commonly taught in universities
    (k) otherwise appears as though it might be technical data.

  • Is technical data the only kind of information controlled under the ITAR?

    No. Information used in military training of foreign forces, for example, may not contain any technical data but is ITAR controlled nonetheless.

  • Can technical data be temporary exported?

    No. All exports of technical data are considered to be permanent.

  • What is the meaning of the term temporary import?

    Temporary import means bringing into the United States from a foreign country a defense articles that is to be returned to that country or is in transit to another country.

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