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State Department Questions

  • Considering the following: You have an approved MLA with a foreign company to manufacture certain components of a system. Upon receipt and testing of the initial batch of these components, you find that several of them are defective and need to be returned to the foreign company for repair and return to the United States. What ITAR licensing exemption would you use for this purpose?

    There is no suitable exemption available. You will need to apply for a DSP-73 temporary export license.

  • One Response to “State Department Questions”

    1. Cezary Schwenkgrub Says:

      What formalities are necessary to buy a hunting weapon in the USA and ship it to Poland? Do I have to visit the USA or can I make a transaction from Poland? Can you send me an example list of firms that sell weapons? I’m a licensed hunter in Poland. I am looking forward to your reply.