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UN Development Business

UN Development Business is an official publication of the Outreach Division of the Department of Public Information of the United Nations. The publication specializes in the dissemination of information on projects in the developing countries and economies in transition, funded by the following multilateral banks: The World Bank, The Inter-American Development Bank, The Caribbean Development Bank, The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Asian Development Bank, The African Development Bank, The North American Development Bank, The Nordic Fund and the UN system of organizations. Our publication is officially listed in the guidelines of the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank. Due to the prestige of the United Nations and the guaranteed impartiality of our organization, multilateral Banks and individual governments feel very comfortable disseminating information through us rather than the private sector. The information we publish includes procurement notices, monthly operational summaries, approved projects, contract awards, etc. In 2005, our subscribers received information on more than 30 billion USD business opportunities.

UN Development Business is available by subscription and it has more than 5000 subscribers worldwide. Most of them are consulting, engineering and manufacturing companies specializing in international procurement.

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