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How to Import – Internet Purchases, Restricted Merchandise

Many items cannot be imported into the United States unless the importer has the proper permit or license from the appropriate regulatory authority. Some of the most common restricted items include food, plant and dairy products; alcohol and tobacco products; birds, fish or animals and products thereof, goods from embargoed countries, firearms and ammunition, cultural artifacts from certain countries, and copyrighted materials. The entry of prescription medicines is restricted and subject to the approval of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Depending on the FDA review of the medicine, it may be released to the addressee or seized. There are, however, provisions allowing passengers to hand carry prescription drugs into the United States if they enter through a land border with Canada or Mexico.

One Response to “How to Import – Internet Purchases, Restricted Merchandise”

  1. ASHRAFI Says:

    what are the customs rules and duties for any garments purchased by a buyer in USA from internet website based in India for personal consumption