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International Traffic in Arms Regulations

US Department of State

Export Controls apply to all U.S. origin products. Although some controls are more strict than others, exporters are required by law to report all exports to U.S. Customs. In addition, exports from specific product categories must be reported to the agency or agencies that govern that type of export. The International Traffic in Arms Regulations are the guidelines used by the Department of State to regulate the export of military products.

This is a must-have document for all military and government contract exporters. You can not export military goods from the US without consulting the Department of State

This 178 page download contains searchable text including the US Munitions List, procedures for obtaining an export license, and instructions on how to determine if your product can be exported from the US.

Preview Section 120.2-120.4

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"We were surprised to find aircraft communications systems on the US Munitions List, but we know the regulations and it's not a problem"

-Christopher LeBlanc
company name withheld